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It is one of Germany’s best-known brands of premium mineral water and one of the world’s leading brand names: Selters – the original from Selters an der Lahn. Pristine and pure, original Selters from Germany’s legendary springs has been a byword for the finest mineral water for generations.


A brand with a long history

Selters comes from the legendary mineral springs at Selters an der Lahn, which are up to 350 meters deep and were discovered more than a thousand years ago. For centuries, Selters was enjoyed at the highest tables, and was even drunk by kings and emperors. Selters came to be a byword for premium mineral water, and even now the common term for mineral water is “Seltz suyu” in Turkish, “Selterskaja” in Russian and “Agua de seltz” in Portuguese. The original from Selters an der Lahn is an ideal, certified accompaniment to wine, coffee or any drink that belongs at every table. Selters stands for enjoyment at the highest level.

A delight for every taste

Selters comes in three varieties to suit every taste. The choice of Selters Classic and Selters Naturell or Apple Spritz means that there is something for everyone. With its three varieties, Selters perfectly complements any meal and heightens the gourmet experience.

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