Selters – a byword for the finest mineral water

No two waters are the same – and with its outstanding qualities, there’s only one original Selters. This reputation is fully justified, thanks to the delicate taste which comes from its unique mineral composition. For young or old alike, Selters is a synonym for mineral water in Germany. And that’s the highest honor a brand can achieve.

With Selters you can be sure that you are enjoying a premium product – outstanding in taste, quality and purity!

This purity has been attested by the Fresenius Institute, which confirms that Selters contains absolutely no traces of uranium, radium or other heavy metals, no hormones or similar compounds, no residual aromatic substances such as acetaldehyde from PET manufacturing, and no trace of industrial pollutants.

Our committed workforce and constant checks throughout the production process ensure that original Selters always reaches its customers in perfect quality. For example, Selters operates according to the international DIN EN ISO 9001/14001 standard, and the company’s own quality laboratory is an essential part of the quality management system. Every step is inspected here, from the inspection of incoming packaging, to sampling and analysis at every stage of production. The springs and the well are regularly monitored according to many different parameters.

A range tailored to customers

As well as the classical sparkling mineral water, Selters also comes in the increasingly popular still varieties. It is also available as a premium-quality spritzer with fruit juice.

Whatever your tastes, Selters has the right product for you!