Never without Selters

A tasting session with a winemaker is always a memorable experience. The wide range of wines, grape varieties and regions presents a fascinating palette of colors, aromas, textures and finishes for the connoisseur. Each drop, with the characteristic features of its grape, vinery style and potential maturity, is expertly discussed. As an accompaniment, most winemakers offer their guests plain bread and high-quality mineral water, such as Selters.

The culinary pleasure of the many different aromatic and taste impressions would be indistinguishable without a cleansing sip of Selters water between every sample. Each wine’s unique character comes from its subtle olfactory effects and the combination of sweet, sour, salty and bitter on the tongue and palate. If even a trace of the previous sample stays in the mouth, it has a detrimental effect on the next offerings. Selters’ gourmet water is ideal for revitalizing our highly sensitive perception of taste and smell. No one knows this better than trained sommeliers, whose job it is to sample and critically appraise wines for laying down or for serving to guests. Their experience in the world of wine means that they can offer restaurateurs indispensable advice when it comes to choosing the right mineral water.