A highlight for restaurateurs

Original Selters is the ideal premium mineral water for both restaurant and hotel business in every way. 

With its two varieties, Selters Classic and Selters Naturell, it is perfect for every taste. Restaurateurs and gastronomists can offer their guests a choice of different mineral compositions and carbonation, because everyone’s taste in mineral water is different.

In addition, they can heighten the gourmet experience by serving whichever water goes best with the various dishes and wines.

It is not only the taste of our premium mineral water that appeals to connoisseurs and gastronomists, but also its appearance. Visual aesthetics are important to diners, which is why we set exacting standards for the design of our bottles. The traditional clay Selters jugs inspire the shape of the Selters bottles, and the relief on them symbolizes the deep rock strata, which Selters flows through. The blue and turquoise represent the purity of the water and add a festive ambience to every meal. The bottles are also optimally sized to meet the needs of restaurateurs.


Selters Naturell


Completely uncarbonated, the ideal accompaniment to fine dishes, table wine or traditionally, to coffee.

Selters Classic


Guarantees a sparkling and refreshing  gastronomy experience with a balanced 6.0 g of carbon dioxide per liter.


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