The certified accompaniment to wine

A scientific study carried out in Geisenheim found that all two Selters varieties went better with wine than other brands of water.

In thorough scientific tests, made in the interest of gastronomy, various mineral waters were tested in combination with different red wine and white wine. The aim was to examine the neutralizing effect of water, and to find out how it helps enhance the enjoyment of food and wine.

“Selters is the mineral water that responds best to the wine tasting, and thus enhances the experience rather than impairing or spoiling it”, says Professor Mark Strobl.

Original Selters stands out from the competition, and the researchers found the following special properties:

  • Selters enhances the drinking experience and brings out the finest nuances in the best wines.
  • The taste and mineral composition of original Selters complements the wine and heightens the enjoyment.

Professor Mark Strobl adds: “Selters is a premium mineral water and with its two varieties, it is the ideal accompaniment to every type of wine”.