Original Selters – a treat for every taste

Whether tingling, still or enjoying the Apple Spritzer– the SELTERS range has something for everyone. With Selters Classic and Selters Naturell, you are sure to find the one you like best. As well as this, different dishes and wines call for different carbonization and mineral compositions, because the right mineral water can emphasize and accentuate the taste. With its three varieties, SELTERS perfectly complements every meal and heightens your enjoyment of it. 

Selters Apple Spritzer


Refreshingly lively and with no added sugar – the classic spritzer with 60% apple juice and mineral water from Germany’s legendary springs.

Selters Classic


With a balanced 6.0 g of carbon dioxide per liter, it guarantees a sparkling and refreshing taste experience.

Selters Naturell


Still and gentle, with no carbon dioxide, Selters Natural is excellent for formal dining, with wine and coffee. Balanced, low in sodium and with valuable minerals, it is perfect for preparing baby food.


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